"Kings of Authentic Mexican Cuisine" - Bobby Flay

Chefs Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu devote their lives to preserving Mexican food and culture, sharing their incredible knowledge and passing down traditions.

Twenty years ago, they opened their restaurant, La Casita Mexicana, to share the splendor and bounty of Mexican food with everyone who came through the door. They cooked authentic Mexican food like no one else in Los Angeles at the time. Their dishes have always been a genuine appreciation for traditional Mexican food and the techniques behind those dishes.

It is with the same intention that the chefs have created @jaimeandramiro and jaimeandramiro.com. They are sharing their passion for authentic Mexican food with everyone who visits their pages on Instagram, Facebook and here. The salsa video series featuring 30 of Chef Jaime and Ramiro's classic recipes inaugurated their rebranded social feeds. They recipe videos are an opportunity to celebrate authentic Mexican food and culture as the chefs do.

Currently, the chefs and their media team are focused on growing an engaged audience across social platforms with TV programming development in the works. All their shows will be an opportunity to discovery and celebrate the rich diversity of Mexican cuisine and its people.